Do You Have Pre Diabetes?   PreDiabetes Symptoms –  Reversing PreDiabetes   Prediabetes Diet

Do You Have Pre Diabetes? PreDiabetes Symptoms – Reversing PreDiabetes Prediabetes Diet

November 20, 2019 2 By Jose Scott

Hi everyone. Dr. Urban here. Let’s talk
about a subject that covers a lot of people. We’re going to be talking about
prediabetes with the question, Do you have prediabetes or looking at another
way, Does pre-diabetes have symptoms? What about insulin resistance diet or a
prediabetes diet? We’re going to try to cover that in this video. First of all,
are you someone who, when their eyes are open, in other words when they’re awake,
your mouth is open? You’re eating constantly. Maybe that’s just you
but that is just you and that’s a problem, because let’s look at what
happens when you eat. I have this handy visual aid and I want to say that
this is a 12 hour period along the bottom of the hanger, this line, and when
you eat food you start over. Here the body goes through a series of hormonal
adjustments and then after about four hours, The body
has processed that load using insulin even if insulin resistance is present. Next, what typically happens, but not in the pre-diabetic usually what happens next
when the body needs energy, it goes to the glycogen stores and it uses those
glycogen stores which can last maybe 12 hours. There’s some variability in all
this depending on the individual. Along the way your body may elect to use a
little bit of protein turning the protein into sugar.
So as you get out here you’re at 12 hours, but at 12 hours now you see the
blue, where you are starting to mobilize ketones. So
what happens when you after four hours snack? You don’t continue. You go
back here and start over, When you snack, you go like this
and you it’s very hard to get into ketones. You start putting the excess to insulin
resistance and fat stores you put the excess into your fat and you become,
along with insulin resistance, you become overweight.
The fat may be deposited in your belly or it may be deposited
universally throughout your body. You get the picture.
so if you’re trying to intervene in this process you need to consider if
you want to get the ketones, you need to get out here about 12 hours. So let’s
talk about the ketogenic or keto diet. How do we start? First of all, this isn’t the all in at first. This is
how to kind of segue into a keto diet for prediabetes.
First of all I should mention that prediabetes can be objectively measured
by blood tests. There’s the five and five, 100 – 125 dl is diagnostic for
prediabetes and there are similar for the hemoglobin A1C five point seven to
six point four but those are objective numbers. We haven’t looked at prediabetes really with the critical
eye, but there are symptoms of prediabetes and they are things like lethargy,
irritation, light headedness, fatigue, anger, but the big one is at
for hours remember what we did here. At about four hours you have food cravings.
If you’re sitting with frequent food cravings
and snacking and browsing and grazing, as my eyes are open plus I’m generally your
mouth is open this suggests that it’s highly likely
you’re pre-diabetic. Now you can say well I can get that tested. Yes you can, but
you can see you don’t need to spend bucks on this right now
to know that you’re at risk or that you’re continuing at risk.
I would advise getting a test whenever you have blood work make sure your
hemoglobin A1C and your fasting blood sugar are tested. But I’m telling you
that if you’re just standing there and telling me that you have food cravings
about four hours after a meal and that you snack before going to bed and that sort of thing, This keeps going and
you’re browsing and grazing over food all day long, then
I think these symptoms of
pre-diabetes relate to you and you have an issue now. We know that people with
pre-diabetes have a ten year 50% percent chance of becoming diabetic.
I think that’s a heavy heavy stroke. I don;t know what happens after ten years.
That means you have a 50% chance so it’s worthwhile looking into this to see
if you have prediabetes and do something about it.So what do you do? I
recommend the keto diet which you can jump into or you can segue
into it. I think a lot of people would like to segue. I jumped into it and
did fine, but there is such a thing as the keto flu as you go all in so hard
so fast that you have symptoms really of with low blood sugar and
insulin resistance which I just mentioned. The one
that are suggestive during the day and bother you. What do we do? Well several things you
can do to get you started. #1 You need to get your food intake out to 12 hours.
Eat whenever you eat then you go 12 hours. Before that, consider drinking
water in the morning. Let’s say 16 to 32 ounces of water. Why, because you’re
dehydrated. During the night, either from urination and/or respiration where you
put out a liquid in your respirations. So drink water 16 to 32 ounces. Then you notice if
you’re hungry in the morning. Then you try to spread that out because you may
find out that you don’t have a craving right away and you start spreading that
time period out aiming for 12 hours and when you hit 12 hours, between meals then
you try to ratchet it up. That should get you started. You should well
avoid the keto flu and it may segue into a solution along with the keto diet
which is where you’re headed and there’s all kinds of directions for that once
you fully into it, but let’s get you started.