Diabetes cure naturally | Diabetes cure permanently through ayurveda | Cure blood sugar permanently

September 12, 2019 0 By Jose Scott

Hello friends Welcome to Indo Ayur Today I’m showing you how to kill diabetes
drinking an effective Ayurvedic juice Besides this, this herbal juice can save your
heart , liver, kidney etc. How to make this juice We need 2 or 3 Indian gooseberry or amalaki Amalaki is a very good remedy for treating
diabetes Make a juice of this fruit Now get a piece of raw turmeric and make a
spoon of juice Add this juice of raw turmeric to the juice
of amalaki Now add a spoon of honey to the mixer of juice
of turmeric and amalaki Stir for well mixing Take this remedy twice a day in the morning and evening Please remember, don’t take this on an empty
stomach You should take this after taking breakfast Repeat the same process in the evening Continue this herbal medicinal juice for 4
weeks to see the best result But you’ll see the good effects of medicine
in a week Check your blood sugar levels regularly during
taking the medicine Take care Thank you for watching