Dehydration causes brain fog and tiredness, but drinking plain water is one key to healthy living.

November 10, 2019 0 By Jose Scott

okay now granted we are trying to make
just a little five-minute video there are books written on the
importance of water and and water is so important to us but the one thing we
really want to get across to you is how most people walk around in a totally
dehydrated state and they don’t realize what that is actually doing to your body
and to your to your mind you know they people talk about how they walk around
so foggy and and everything throughout the day and they think it’s because they
knew nutrition however when they read for nutrition they reach for stuff that
has no nutritional value whatsoever you know which is processed food which
we’ll talk about when really all their body needs is water because most of us
walk around dehydrated State because of what we drink instead of drinking water
we tend to drink things like coffee and tea for breakfast and then throughout
the day we have coffee tea soda pop for but you know all throughout the day and
then yeah and then alcohol at night and all of these are diuretics which means
they actually make you lose more water than you’re taking in even though you
have water in all of those things that you’re drinking your total balance is
negative and people walk around dehydrated states all the time and if if
they would just realize how important water is and they would start to drink
the water and they’d all sudden they start feeling you know I actually feel
more clear now I actually I’m not getting tired like I thought I was and
it’s all because of water because you know I know they say that sixty percent
of your body is made up of water you know which is true however when you
break down each of the different organs it’s totally different it’s not just
sixty percent if you’re talking about like the brain in the heart the brain in
the heart you know your major major organs those are 73 percent water and
then if you talk about the lungs which is your other extremely major organ
that’s 83 percent water and then it goes on down to your muscles and
kidneys you know 79 percent borrow your bones with 31 percent water you know
which you think bones that’s just solid material no it’s not our whole body is
made up of water so it’s so important that we drink water and stay away from
you can have these these want these beverages that are
actually diuretics that actually makes you lose
water just make sure that you balance it out with water also and one thing I know
that whenever we talk about you know because we love to drink water I mean we
have no problems with drinking water but we’ll talk to different people about
drinking more water and there’s like I can’t stand water I can’t stand the
taste of water it’s like that’s crazy that that that is a first world country
issue I mean if you if you say you don’t drink water cuz you can’t send it you
have got to expand your horizons you need to look around the entire world
cuz when you look at these third-world countries it is crazy these people we’ve
seen many different things a couple different things we went to a refugees
international conference up in Washington DC and Mia Farrow was there
and she was talking about what people have to go through to get water
over in Africa and it was it was mind-blowing it just it totally changed
everything when they showed when they show how these people live these these
people live they don’t even they don’t even live in huts they live they live in
these little stick built homes that are wrapped with newspaper and bags
garbage bags and everything and that’s their home and these things are like
this far apart for miles as far as you can see that’s all there is and these
women they get together this how important water is they get together and
they know that they have got to get they have get your water back to their
families so they will get in groups and they were travel for miles for miles to
get water knowing knowing perfectly well that many of those women are not gonna
end up coming home because they’re gonna be they’re gonna be attacked they’re
gonna be raped they’re gonna be killed some of them will be taken back to these
villages of these other people who are attacking them
so just getting there and getting back it has all kinds of issues but
then once they get there even when they get to the water the water is so so
disgustingly horrible and we watched another person Scott Harrison and
just because I have a link for that one we will show he was on Andy Stanley North
Point Church speaking about this about charity waters and and he spoke and I
had heard of course we’ve been to Washington to see we had seen me Mia
Farrow talked about that but I hadn’t thought about what he’s just now talking
about with the the condition of the water once they get it and then take it
back and I give it to their of course themselves but then also to their
children but before this before this I don’t know where she’s going with this
but before that even even when they go there they even has the risk when they
dip these water bottles into this dirty murky water to get to fill up their
water bottles to bring back to the family they get back they are also
risking that when they dip their water in their their hands in the water
alligators will come up and eat these these women and it’s the women because
the men must have went men have already been killed okay and that the kind of
places were in I know but this this is sad and to think I don’t like water us
drives me crazy but anyway so going to dip dip their bottles into these into
these ponds knowing that an alligator could come up and eat them and then the
water that they get they bring back that’s what she’sgetting ready to talk about so
they were showing pictures of the water bottles and leeches are bright leeches
are in the water and so they’re kids you don’t see they don’t even see these
leeches they’re they’re small at first but they grow inside yeah they do in
that row right so then then the kids even know to take sticks to stick down
their throat to kill the leeches that are now coming up from their stomach
coming back up to to get out the leeches like so the waters so dirty they held
these bottles this is our clean water this is our clean water that people say
I don’t like water and then they have this dirty water that people have to
live with you know and this is they risk their lives for their families to get
this dirty water that has so many microbes in it that when you drink it
and that’s what she said they actually these leeches will actually get in the
body and they will crawl up and emanated little kids little kids like three four
years old they already know when they drink their water and then when these
leads to come up they know how to take a stake and run down the back of the
throat to knock these leeches off the back of their throat because that’s
what’s in their water it’s just awful it’s so anyway so anyway just water is
very important you’ve got to realize how important it
is our bodies we need to drink it and if you’re just saying I don’t like it you
need to you need to realize the importance of water because is it crazy
that people in these third-world countries totally realize the importance
of water but yet as in these first world countries we don’t realize the
importance of water it’s crazy and the amount of water that you should be drink
we’ve already talked about how much percent of your bodies made up of water
how much water you should drink just so you know is take your weight in pounds
and divide that by two and that’s the number of ounces that you should be
drinking every single day ok that’s enough water water water water water not
not not tea not coffee not pop not things that are like water the water
because if you drink coffee or tea or alcohol anything that’s a diuretic you
drink this amount of water that you’re supposed to have and anything you drink
with diuretic increase your water intake by that same amount so if you have 1 1
12 ounce can of soda pop and you have this amount water they says that then
you have this amount of water plus 12 more ounces to take up for what that
soda pop had so anyway if you don’t like water I highly recommend you acquire
taste for it and we’ll have another video which would kind of help you
explain how to change your habits of how to drink water so you can’t acquire a
taste board so we will see you guys in the next video thank you