DEHYDRATED: Interview (2015)

November 2, 2019 0 By Jose Scott

New Album? It’sss New Album? New album! it’s such a What reaction do you expect from audience about this album We are not waiting for concrate reaction from our audience but we’d like to tell that would be better if you will expect from us nothing in a last time people asking questions like: “Guys, did you become a bit softly?” “Do you you have 4/4 paterns in your music?” I can say that 4/4 was always in our stuff and this album is not exception there will be soft moments as well Someone asks like: “Guys, did you become more brutality?” I can say that brutal moments will be as well But our music has not become softly or more brutality We are band DEHYDRATED who playing progressive metal, Death Metal wothout bordies and limitation How heart and soul telling us How was the process of creating music for this record? The process going is like An idea awekening in my head then it’s unleashing on the instrument and in head awekening an idea about transcription This album we are was recording all together that’s new for our band you can imagin that every bandmember participating in the record is new for our band We have four people in the band in record process was four as well and everyone brought piece of his self for to leave in that material So on this song being ideas and pieces of all members of the band who was in the moment when album was creating What need to have for succesful music career? Actually you don’t need to be a talent or beautiful person play sports and music just you need to have huge amount of money, guys! Like we are! :)) just lots of money at all you will become a succssful like we are and evrything will very good! 🙂 real! Not any albums not any official videos Not any viral videos will not help you to be succesful like money! 🙂 Money! Money! Money! We just have a lot of money it’s fall out from our pockets I will open my pocket and thousends dollars will fall out from there actually money lying right here camera couldn’t to film that we have bathes filled up of money on that reason we making everything what we do record albums and touring You just need to have great sponsors which will be able to encourage you it’s not tea Lisma we are living in Russia and supporting political things ! 🙂 on new album we have songs about our government for that reason we made one song in Russian it’s not a present for Russians fans it can supposed our band more succesful 🙂 Russian band LUBE made cover verson of the Russian Gimn We made stuff like that 🙂 that’s everything true now i will a bit to lie in the true I will add a spoon of lie Quote of Russian popular guitarist Serge Tabachnikov if you want to be the best cleaner you have to clean everything you have to clean floors and doing it often and after 7 years you will be cleaner of Kreml and I think here we can find something I think this is lie at all we are became a popular by money we spent half of milliard dollars yestarday I sent money to a label i’m don’t remember the name of that label Every week i’m sending money I’m take from my bath and sending around the world yestarday I sent money to organizer of Wacken open air wait us on the Wacken open air main stage before headliners I heared that we need to work hard be pation during 10 years I guess that is lie we are don’t beliave in that I don’t belive that nedd to wake up in early morning spent time for improving skills refuse from wrong habits doing promotion in the internet Be pation and working hard is there a limit in your music? A men creating a limit in his heand our brutal style of music but if someone waiting from us mega brutal i think that’s mean that we not super brutal band I think there is no a limit you can play anything and how you want if you have ideas and inspiration desire is most important thing and a limit will not become in 50 or 70 years old you can play brutal metal too are you sure? i think there is a limit What kind of music do you listen? What is your idol in deathmetal music I think for me the favorit band is Decapitated if speak about bands who actual now not old school it’s Aborted Death band it’s this is the father of death metal he showed us how we need to play I’m listaning great guitarist like Joe Satriani Steve Vai Guthrie Govan From metal guitarists Andy James Animals As leaders Tosin Abasi it’s from guitar world that people influence on me in the last time I found great band Thrash Death Progressive metal band I’m really like those music very musch this is Revocation band I like those music becouse leader of this band he is very good guitarist and musician and quality of this music very high they are playing like masters and very good presented for audience also I’m inspired by not only music and not only by musician’s skills if speak about guitar players also these people-musicians few of tham inspered me by their perseverance work and important thing in their promotion and from Russian bands we are very inspered by not Aria not Amatory don’t thing about this it’s dosen’t matter Arkona for sure! becouse these guys shows Russian culture by metal music around the world and plying big amount of shows Arkona inspiring us for new achievements we need to see on that band and think like “These guys is very good we need to work hard too” we need to kick our asses and manage our not in only our hometown but in New York, Los Angeles, Brazil, Argentina and Beijing is there being train from Tomsk to New York? Yes, definitely! there is a bridge from Moscow we are listening a lot of kinds of music Evgen like a guitarist listening guitar music I’m like a rock man listening a lot of rock from metal I like music of fathers actually a lot of bands for me as example being not is music which plays by particular musicians becouse everyone have own emotions and if musician trying to unleash that by heavy metal or post-rock it’s just a choice for example I will not like some styles of music but if muician beliaving in that what he doing expresses emotions by his music anyway I will not be a disappointed on that for me are examples bands who making their best and making it sincerely if speak about old school bands I’m really like old music of Slipknot when they are was young and hot guys How they are made their shows, stuff and etc. Rammstein also great band i’m not often listening their new stuff but it’s doesn’t matter anyway these bands generated a lot of emotions and how they delivered that for audience they are invest everything in their business and shows especially Rammstein that’s costs a lot of money but they didn’t stop to do that that relation for their fans for their show and music that people ready for invest everything that they have for to show their inner world for me it’s real example but if to consider brutal metal bands Aborted