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How to Boost Your Leptin Levels

Leptin is a hormone that helps manage appetite. It’s produced by the fat cells in your body and works by telling your brain how much you have in your fat reserves. Here are 8 ways to keep your leptin levels regulated. Get enough fibre Limit fructose consumption Choose complex carbohydrates Eat protein for breakfast Take…

By Jose Scott November 13, 2019 0

10 Best Fruits for Belly Fat Backed by Science

Abdominal fat or belly fat is a known risk factor for several health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Aside from regular exercise, here are the top 10 fruits that can help get rid of belly fat according to studies. 1. African Mango Scientifically known as Irvingia gabonensis, African mango is cultivated…

By Jose Scott November 13, 2019 1

Diabetes and Exercise: What To Know

Hi I’m Ansley and I’m here today to talk about activity and blood sugar. If you have diabetes, you’re probably tired of people telling you how important it is to exercise—but here’s the deal, exercise is good for your body for lots of reasons. It lowers your blood pressure, it can help you lose weight…

By Jose Scott November 13, 2019 3