BLINDSPOT | Award Winning Malayalam Short Film| English Subs| 3 stories Inspired from real events

November 6, 2019 0 By Jose Scott

Ah Bro! I’m going. I have duty tomorrow too bro. We can meet some other day. Allright. Suhu Calling Suhu Calling What’s up Suhu? Suhu: Where are you? I’m at Home. Suhu: Can you come here? What happened? Suhu: A person near my home is lying unconscious. He’s not responding to our calls too. Can you come here fast? Ok. I’ll come in 10 minutes. Ah! Suhu. Where?Is he in the car? He is in that car. Can you move aside? Torch! Torch! He’s dead. *Random chatter in the background* He’s dead. But you have to go to a nearby hospital. Only then we can confirm. You go and inform everyone. Haneef Brother What’s it Suhu? We have go to a nearby hospital. Did he tell anything? No brother.But still we have to confirm the death at a nearby hospital. That’s how it should be done. Everybody get in. Start the car. We have to go Saly Clinic Hey Suhu. Aren’t you coming? No brother. I’ll come with him. Actually what happened? I have no idea. He just took a nap after coming home from work But he didn’t wake up after that. If a case like this goes to Medical College You’ll get the body only after Post Mortem Examination. That’s why I told you to go to a Local Hospital. Anyway they won’t agree for Post Mortem. We don’t follow that custom. That’s why I specifically called you. Isn’t that Haneef Brother’s car? Why are they going back? Kutti Appan: Who the hell told he’s dead? Is he really a doctor or not? What happened? They told he’s alive. Pupils were dilated. Pulse wasn’t palpable too. You confirmed the death right? You just go and enquire. Sir.. Sir Sir I am a… House Surgeon from Trivandrum Medical College. I was the one who confirmed the death of the case which was brought here a few minutes back. His pupils were dilated. His carotid pulses weren’t palpable too. Then how sir, can you tell that he is alive. I haven’t said that. I just told them to take him
to a hospital with more facilities. But I had already confirmed his death sir. This is not like speaking rubbish in public. I cannot tell that sitting in a clinic without ECG. Suppose If he HAD life left in him? Who will take the responsibility? Sir, in that situation I.. I said that by mistake sir. Can you just please tell me if he was alive or not, Sir? See, you aren’t sure even now. When dealing with a sensitive case Always think about the consequences Otherwise, you will SUFFER. What did he say? I have no idea, Suhu. Can you call them? Should I call now itself? He’s not picking up. Will everyone come back here itself? I dont know If he was dead, they should’ve reached here by now. Everything’s gone out of our hands. Bro What’s in your mind right now? That he should be alive.. Or? Start the bike. Lets go. Hello Oh! What happened? What happened? Who called? I’ll tell. I’ll tell He can tell if a person is alive or not,
just by looking into his eyes! But that Kutti Appan was asking if he was a real doctor? I am seeing him later. Bro What is in your mind right now? That he should be alive… Or? Everyone has many faces. The other side of me… was revealed to me by that question In truth at that moment.. I WISHED FOR HIS DEATH. Hey..I’m leaving Allright…tomorrow is your admission right? Bye Doctor…these files are to be filled Are there many? Yes “Saraswathi Amma” Over the course of time I’ve heard many names
I’ve seen many faces and have written numerous casesheets like these. I dont even remember most of their names or faces but this name
and face….. I never forgot and never will It was during the post admission day chaos, among many faces that i saw her’s. The patient is to be taken for a CT scan right? Near old casualty right? All right I’ll be there. Ok. Did you do that catherization yet? I’ll do it. Sister, prepare a catheter set. I’ll do it. I’m keeping the case sheet here Sir, has she been discharged yet? Discharge will not be ready until night. WHAT IS IT MOM? YES I ATE I’LL CALL
DIDN’T I JUST TELL YOU I’LL CALL? What about the CT Scan? Went to enquire. Will come right now Did you get it?
No brother Sir..the date for CT… When I asked for a date
they told me there are no dates available We could take it from outside
sir,if you could just write it to us… We are willing to do anything
please save her life. Well..I cant write it myself. Anyway sir will now come for rounds. I’ll ask him. Allright then Most of the patients who came to this ward I dont know them Moreover, What i try to see and saw
were the people around them Their suffering and love The name Saraswathi Amma and the face caught my notice maybe because of that During the busy hours
we might forget many things but those forgetfulness and compromises… I never made in her case I told mom many times
not to call me during these hours Sir Sir Its been about 15 days…
and her condition hasn’t changed at all If needed we could take her to another hospital At this stage we are giving
the maximum treatment we can. Even if you take her anywhere else
this is all that can be given. Sir. Sir..
Yes! Sir the patient Saraswathi Amma from female ward Her condition is quite bad Shall we add any supports? See.. Death is a painful process In our case whether we could save her,
I don’t believe so I think It is not a salvageable case Even if we add life supports we might prolong her sufferings for 2 or 3 weeks than save her i think. Allright. Take care. Yes. Death is inevitable But for those who love her…
she is still alive in their hearts. They have hope. Maybe it is that hope which continue to remain in me. Keep the blood result ready by afternoon Seen the sister? One patient is bad. Where are the others? Everyone got busy. She is alone. I’m looking after her from now. Must be a home nurse. What happened sir? SIR? SIR? Sir Sir Is it ok if I arrange the blood tomorrow? Thats ok. SIR What happened Sir? Nothing. Must be a home nurse. Hi Mother Yes I had food. Yes I’ll come right away Each person lives in others hearts. In the hearts of people around her She had already died. The moment i saw the blue ink spread on her thumb She died in mine too But she was a lesson. A lesson to keep the people and relations around me… ALIVE IN MY HEART. Hello bro. Where are you? I’ve already reached. Ok, then come fast. Hey, I’ve arrived. That tea must’ve gone cold. Hey, one more black tea. Then, Whats up? Haven’t seen you for a while How was it in Vellanad?
Where you upto your old mischiefs there too? Hey, Nothing like that.
Every place is different right? But, even though Medicine posting was hectic,
it was enjoyable. I got to learn a lot. Vellanad too was also good for me. Some flops happened as it was my first posting. They don’t even have a thermometer there. But, when I think about some incidents, my mind is still.. Are you sad? I’m not sad. Was there any issue? No issues man. Atleast I hope there wasn’t any. But still in my mind….. It was hectic that day. I got to sleep at only around midnight. After some time at around 3:00 Brother ji woke me up. A person came with complaints of cold! It was while examining him,
that I heard the sound of an Auto. Cough?
Yes! Sputum? Is it Yellow or white? Sir, please come and see my daughter. She’s not well sir. What happened Mother? She vomited several times. I don’t know what it is.
Please come and look sir. Take her to the observation room. I’ll come. What was the case? A 15 year old girl. Came with multiple episodes of vomiting. That too, which started only at that night. Was it Food Poisoning? What was the history? She hasn’t eaten food from outside Sir.
She only ate what was prepared at home. Did she have any fever or stomach ache? No sir, she didn’t have fever or any other complaints. Then what was it? What did you do? Her BP was only 90/60. Then.. Brother ji, that patient’s Systolic BP in only 90. Give her an Injection Emeset. And start DNS. After fluid was started, I went to the Doctor’s room. Then, I fell asleep there man. When the mother woke me up
saying that the drip has finished, it was around 6.30 AM SIR…. SIR…. Drip has finished. My daughter hasn’t woken up yet. Hasn’t she woken up still? She seems unconscious. Please come and look sir. Hasn’t she woken up?
No sir. Have you given her anything to eat? No sir, I haven’t given anything (Calling) (Calling) Mother, what’s the name.. name of your child? Its Parvathy sir. PARVATHY, WAKE UP, PARVATHY Parvathy Sir, What’s happened to my child? She didn’t even respond to pain? Did she have any other disease? Mother, does your daughter have any other disease? Mother, I am asking YOU.
Does she have any other disease? She is suffering from DIABETES. Nothing else sir. Couldn’t you have said this earlier? I had asked you right? Are you giving anything to control the sugar? She is on Insulin sir. Did you give her yesterday? Yes I gave her 20 Units Insulin. There is no use in speaking to these people. So, was it DKA (Diabetic Keto Acidosis) then? You started her on DNS right? You should’ve given her NS. (See description) If it was DKA, DNS could worsen the condition right? A 15 year old girl. No one would even think that she’s diabetic. Her mother didn’t tell anything either. She has taken Insulin that night too. Couldn’t it be hypo (Hypoglycemia) then? Didn’t you check her GRBS? Brother ji, Can you check the GRBS of that patient? There is no Glucometer here Doctor. To hell with this PHC! Now how will we know if she’s hypo or hyper? Brother ji, has that Lab nearby opened by now? Lab must’ve been opened.
But the result will take half an hour. Just arrange for a glucometer somehow! You wait Doctor. I’ll go search if
any patient in our ward has a glucometer. Brother ji, just take a 25-D solution too.
Yes I will. HIGH I started her on IV fluids, gave her 20 Units Insulin
and referred her to Taluk Hospital. I don’t know what happened or became of her. Never tried to find out either. On referral her vitals were stable. That is only what I know. She is only 15 years old. I wish she had survived. That patient came directly to
MCH (Medical College Hospital) It was me who took Casuality duty that day. You… Was it you who saw that case? What happened to her? GRBS was high. It was DKA. We gave what we give usually..
Started on IV fluids. Gave her Insulin Infusion. But there was no improvement clinically. We shifted her directly to MICU. ICU!! Don’t worry. She was there in MICU for 2 days. Then she was shifted to Ward. Her electrolytes were corrected in the Ward. Then she became alright. Then she was discharged. It was me who gave her the discharge. I just wanted to know that. What a relief! This was haunting me for quite some time. So, your Stay Posting starts tomorrow right? Lets not waste any time. Lets go. You go. I’ll come. Just tell when you are free.. We can meet. Yeah! We’ll meet. I didn’t feel like telling him that He didn’t need to know that. From each lives around us
there are certain realisations that we need to achieve Those realisations and awakenings…
he has already achieved them. Some truths.. ARE TO BE BURIED FOREVER!