BioTe® Hormone Replacement in Teays Valley and Charleston, WV: Kirk | The Facial Center

February 20, 2020 0 By Jose Scott

My name is Kirk, I’m from Saint Albans, West
Virginia, and I had BioTe done here at The Facial Center. When I first walked in, very friendly, very
accommodating. Dr. Chapman, he’s professional, but on a friendly
level. First time I met him, it seemed like I’d known
him all my life and totally puts you at ease and makes you comfortable. Dr. Chapman told me about the BioTe procedure,
and I went ahead and followed through with it. The day of the procedure, I knew what to expect. Dr. Chapman had told me, and it was over within
three minutes. Twenty four hours later, I could tell. I was more upbeat, energetic, my mood was
totally positive. It was amazing, I couldn’t believe it. I would say it’s a life-changing treatment. For my friends and family in Saint Albans,
Hurricane, and surrounding areas, I highly recommend you give Dr. Chapman a visit.