Bioidentical Hormones – Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

January 29, 2020 0 By Jose Scott

Nick: Hello! We’re going to talk about some
important issues regarding bioidentical hormones. I’m Dr. Nick Delgado. I’m with Dr. Michael
Grossman, MD with BodyLogic, a practitioner and expert in hormonal replacement. Let’s
look at the benefits of testosterone. Let’s say Dr. Abraham Morgentaler of Harvard who
wrote the book Testosterone for Life, he would argue that testosterone pellets are the gold
standard because they’re bioidentical. They’re exactly what’s already in the human body and
you can titrate or release a certain amount each day in a man when the pellets are inserted
that lasts somewhere from three to four to five months depending on the man, and he would
then go on to say what benefits. What can you gain from a man having testosterone? And
then let’s go into what a woman would benefit. Michael: A man will gain a variety of benefits.
Most importantly, it keeps your brain young. You’ve got to be able to think clearly. You
have to be able to solve problems. You have to have a sense of enthusiasm, enjoyment for
life, and that’s what you get from testosterone. You see older men, they lose that and they
become old and feeble — Nick: Old, grumpy men. Michael: And it’s a problem. The other side
effects you get that are beneficial are you get muscle strength, muscle stamina, increased
muscle mass. If you do a little bit of exercise, your muscles respond like they would’ve 10
or 20 years ago. You gain energy, general energy in your body. You have more energy
to do things throughout the day, so those are really critical things. Nick: Don’t leave out sexual. Do they report
a sexual benefit, erectile function is better, more libido, more interest in sex? Michael: Absolutely. Nick: More quality? Michael: It’s a package. You can’t have one
thing without the other, so quality of sexual life, sexual functioning is a factor that
happens from testosterone and that enjoyment of sensuality, sexuality, libido, and erection
functioning all comes in the same package of testosterone. It doesn’t correct all erectile
dysfunction, but about 50% of the time it’ll be very helpful. Nick: So possibly someone who does have ED,
erectile dysfunction, not only needs to be aware of what their ideal testosterone level
is. If their estrogen level gets high, that can interfere. One study showed when they
rubbed estrogen cream on the man’s male organ, they became completely impotent during the
time the cream was present. Michael: That can be a problem. There are
a variety of reasons why men get erectile dysfunction. The hormones are a very important
factor, 50% factor, but there is another mechanical factor we have to look at. Nitric oxide levels,
that can be a big factor. Nick: Maintaining high nitric oxide levels
with eating certain greens, the Swiss chard, beets, arugula, and certain tablets that we
know tend to dissolve plant nitrates and turn it into nitric oxide. Michael: Absolutely right. Nick: So it’s not enough just to take Viagra,
Cialis, or a PDE5 inhibitor or even herbal Viagra because they have to have enough nitric
oxide as well along with the testosterone. Michael: Right. They may use up the nitric
oxide and then the Viagra is going to stop working because they don’t have that reservoir
that they need. Nick: Right, so they all relate together.
And of course, when you’re thinking of the benefits for men sexually, the emotional aspect,
there are certain things like dopamine that affects interest in sex and the testosterone
levels and the whole ratios of PEA, phenylethylamine, “love at first sight” hormone. Oxytocin? Michael: Oxytocin can be a very helpful thing
for men and women to increase the feeling of being in love, the feeling of wanting to
be cuddled and to feel quality of compassionate love, and that creates intimacy. That turns
on men and women, so that’s also an important factor and that can get less as we get older. Nick: And love and connection has been shown
to increase the length and the quality of life. Michael: It is absolutely important. It’s
critical. Men, more than women, have difficulties with creating emotional connection with other
people. So in a marriage when the men dies, the women usually do better with staying emotionally
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