BEST HYDRATING SKINCARE PRODUCTS / Serums, Toner, Essence for Dry, Oily, Dehydrated Skin Types

November 1, 2019 0 By Jose Scott

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m going to be talking about my current favorite hydrating products. I know a lot of you guys are obsessed with hydrating serums essences and toners and so am I especially right now. Since during my 7 skin method I’m really obsessed with layering different kind of super lightweight Hydrating products and I think the key ingredient in these types of products is hyaluronic acid But in addition to that glycerin is a key ingredient you should be looking at on the ingredients list I think that that sometimes overlooked compared to hyaluronic acid but glycerin in my opinion is one of the very very best ingredients that are in skincare to help keep your skin nourished and hydrated Hydration is a key component to all different skin types and it’s something that everyone should be considering in their routine Hydration is such an important part of everyone’s skincare routine no matter what your skin type is especially for those with oily skin and in this case hydration is sometimes overlooked because people feel that with that oil on the skin that there is always going to be Hydration there and in fact, perhaps too much because of the oil but oil and hydration are two different things So in this case when someone has got oily skin, it’s always good to gently but thoroughly cleanse the skin and then to remove any dirt and grease and then go on and replenish the skin afterwards with hydrating products so the products that I’m going to talk about Throughout the video are going to be beneficial for all skin types and especially those with oily skin so the first one I’m going to talk about is one that you guys have heard me talk about again and again and it’s The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics. This really was a game changer for me because it was the first Serum the first water like serum that I ever tried and I was just instantly obsessed with the ultra fine lightweight consistency of this that quickly Absorbed into the skin that provides more hydration than I’d ever experienced when I very first used this I love it because it’s super affordable yet uper good at the same time. The great thing about the ordinary as well is that it’s easily accessible You can buy online in loads of places around the world and they’ve also got new stores popping up all the time so you can pop in and buy it directly. The next one I’m going to talk about is the Laneige cream skin refiner mist This is a very new product to me. I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks it was something that I ordered in my very first Korean and Japanese skincare haul and I’ve been loving it ever since I started using it at first. I was kind of unsure Whether it was that good because it’s not the most affordable Product of everything that I’m going to talk about today So it had some kind of stiff competition because there are some really good hydrating products out there at super affordable prices. But with continued use I think that what I love about this most is how soft it makes my skin feel So in addition to being hydrating this also contains amino acids Which are really good for the skin’s barrier function the barrier function helps keep the bad stuff out and hold the good stuff in so it really is an important part of Healthy skin and the barrier function can become compromised especially if you are using active ingredients So I know a lot of people out there are enjoying using vitamin C Exfoliating acids and even retinol and those ingredients are really really good But when you’re doing that it’s really important to maintain the skins healthy barrier function But also keep the skin hydrated because some of these ingredients can cause the skin to be a little bit more Dehydrated than it would be if you weren’t using them at all I’ll give you an example like in my kind of one of my very first videos I did a review on the ordinary l-ascorbic acid Powder and someone recently commented that they’ve got oily skin and they wondered if they could just mix the powder with water Because they were worried about kind of anything too heavy on their skin and making it oily now when I reply to them I mentioned that it’s really important to Keep the skin hydrated, even if it’s oily. So in this case, I suggested that they mix it with hyaluronic acid But when you are mixing the vitamin C powder with hyaluronic acid It’s important that you mix it and apply it on the skin straightaway but You don’t want it to oxidize so I wouldn’t premix it in a small bottle and keep it for a week Because you do run the risk of it oxidizing too quickly So the good thing about this is it does have the hydrating benefits, but then it also will help protect the skins barrier function So it’s got kind of like a multi-purpose thing going on and it really does make my skin feel lovely and soft So I’m enjoying using it very much then it’s definitely in my favorite 4 skin care products for hydration right now. The next one I’m going to show you is also from my K Beauty and J Beauty skincare haul I actually did a video on Recent skincare additions new products that I’ve got and I’ll link that up above if you want to check it out But this is the Hada Labo Hydrating lotion, this is super amazing and super affordable I know a lot of you have been raving about this product for ages and I finally got around to trying it and I’m so glad I did all of the Hydrating products from hada labo seem to be of a really really good quality And the best thing about them is that they’re super affordable as well. The amount that you get in the bottle is so generous I don’t actually know exactly how much it is because it’s all in Japanese but if I compare it to the ordinary you can see in the ordinary is 30ml you can see that there’s like a huge amount that you get and this works out that about 15 pounds Which is really really good. Now, this is a lotion and not an essence or a serum So it has got kind of more of a lightweight serum texture So what I would do in terms of layering Is I would go in with like the essence or the toner first and then move on to something like this perhaps Before a serum or what you could do is use your targeted serums to say if it’s got peptides or some kind of other active Ingredients in it and then you could put this on top before going on with some kind of cream So the fourth and final one I’m going to show you is the niod multi molecular hyaluronic complex This is such a good hydrating serum It’s more expensive than all the other ones that I’ve talked about But it really is a good quality and I’ve gone back to this again And again, this is probably like my fourth bottle that I’ve used I’m not really good about this is it’s got many different molecular weights in it So it goes down to deeper layers of this and it also sits on the surface as well This hasn’t got the lightest texture out of all the products that I’ve spoken about But it is still super lightweight and runny and it disappears into the skin very easily I think when I first started using this I was kind of like comparing it to the marine hydraulics, and I was thinking that it isn’t as Hydrating as that, but one thing that I’ve learned about my skin as I’ve kind of continued on my journey with skincare Is that there can be times when your skin does just need more hydration? So there’s not kind of a certain rule to how much product you use some days. You might need to use more than others so the best thing to do is apply a Fine layer of the product by applying ultra fine layers and not applying too much at one time You help prevent pilling when you’re going on with makeup or SPF or anything like that towards the end of your routine So I suggest that you apply just a fine layer of this and then if your skin drinks up really quickly Then you can go in and apply a second layer as well until your skin has got enough hydration So that’s it for my current favorite hydrating products. I bet you guys have got some really good suggestions for me so Please let me know in the comments below if there’s anything that you would like to see in future videos then just let me know Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and I will see you in the next one