November 18, 2019 9 By Jose Scott

BREAKING Beauty News, guys! So if you or someone you know is using Johnson
& Johnson Baby Powder — the Talc version — you may want to listen up. Johnson & Johnson did a voluntary recall in
the United States based on some testing that the US FDA did and it had some results on
sub-trace levels of Chrysotile, or Chrysotile Asbestos with a level of 0.00002%. So when the FDA did its testing — this is
the US FDA — did its testing, they did find very, very small amounts of the Asbestos in
this one bottle — or one container — of the powder that was purchased from an online
retailer. So Johnson & Johnson is in FULL collaboration
and cooperation with the FDA. At the early stages of the investigation,
Johnson & Johnson could not confirm if a cross-contamination of the sample caused a false-positive, if
the sample was taken from a bottlte with an intact seal, or it was taken from a bottle
that was from a controlled environment, they also could not confirm if it was authentic
or a counterfeit of the product. Now Johnson & Johnson did try to reassure
its customers that they do have standard-, rigorous standards in place in testing their
products, and in over the 40 years of testing, they have NEVER found Asbestos in their cosmetic
Talc. So, to make sure that you understand, we are
NOT trying to sensationalize news or beauty news, it’s just to give you an update that’s
just recently happened. So if you choose to return your Johnson & Johnson
Talc Baby Powder ’cause you’re not comfortable with it, I would recommend maybe going and
getting the Cornstarch-based baby powder. So once again, if you are liking this part
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