Author: Jose Scott

National Black HIV / AIDS Awareness Day

On this National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, we have greater opportunity than ever before to reverse the HIV epidemic in Black America and the nation as a whole. Today, we have a National HIV/AIDS Strategy that directs the nation to focus its prevention efforts on communities at greatest risk, including African-Americans – the racial group…

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Personalised Blood Glucose Response.

SDK:Hi Welcome Michal MO:Hi Dr Kar.It’s so good to see you again. I’m excited to be chatting today. Oh, yes. We haven’t chatted for a while Michal. I missed these sessions MO I am excited to see what we are talking about today because you’ve been working on it for a little bit of time.…

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HIV Treatment as Prevention

Over the last five years we’ve seen so many new developments and so many new tools that are now available to advance the fight against HIV/AIDS. In particular we have really begun to understand the use of antiretrovirals, those are the drugs that are used to treat HIV, as effective tools to actually prevent HIV…

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