Как избавиться от повышенного давления. Навсегда! How to get rid of Arterial hypertension. Forever.

December 15, 2019 0 By Jose Scott

welcome you friends! today will be a bit unusual video for my channel’s. the thing is, a few years ago, faced problems with health. I have very strongly became to ride the pressure. my doctor prescribed blood pressure pills and of course I he asked me how much to take them? on that was very simple answer all my life. taken the pills I’m probably six months. then it was thought that it is possible somehow this problem solve. I started searching the Internet. for yourself agree such problems need to be solved. well … it was all a little easier than say doctors. my final version for example such a: from-for violations blood circulation in neck brain a little wrong commands the heart to pressure increase. by the way the main the symptom that prompted me to start finding a solution to this problem and pass a General examination in hospital, were short-term a split second loss of consciousness in time to drive. you know, it’s very unpleasant-you go on the track is 100 km / h and you have some shares seconds just lost consciousness from the and then you turn it on, you know what it is it wasn’t for long, but it was fucking unpleasantly. began to do of course with the Internet some exercise that show is usually very beautiful girls from fitness clubs those who do not even know that such at all problems with health, with pressure. they’re beautiful, so I specially a few days not shaved so you wouldn’t look at nice face, but on the what exercises I will show you. the thing is that problem I decided to and already two years have I’m not under pressure. more precisely I already forgot even when measured, when I felt that it is generally increased, because this feeling with nothing confuse. who knows the will understand me. naturally no pills not drink. that is half a year drank, and how started doing exercises just some two weeks and all this is totally forgotten about what it was. let me now you I’ll show you these very simple exercise but above all a little test you must hold before you do my exercises. test such turn and lower your shoulders turn your head to the right until the end and to the left and also in side shift to the and to the left. what do you feel at the same time? if you have there everything crunches, it hurts
then start with these
here are exercises. turns and
somehow neatly knead the shoulder
belt that is start with them at least.
work with them two weeks
of the situation. later go to my
Exercise. I’m you just advise, otherwise
there may be some problems that
will have to be solved with doctors. load on the neck in my
exercises high. Here you
just twist your head. I will have it
slightly loaded I’ll show you now
how to do the first an exercise. you need
lie just like this. you have shoulders
must hang exactly chin must
be always pinned to the chest you can not always
to throw back one’s head back.
it will be very sweaty hurt for a long time.
you can back to back.
if you have everything there crunches-congratulations to
you osteochondrosis me too. behold
now bent well. at
this you feel excellent.
then start a little forward.
belly we do not swing we download these here
neck muscles are these muscles they are tense here
pull it up. this
exercise you should do every day start with 5 repetitions and
reach 20. more simply there is no sense. you
everything will be fine. next exercise
which you must do right after
the first – lie on your side hang your hand on
floor. well if you have elbow does not reach
floor completely. relax and lower your head down
smooth. here is the hand depend so
half a minute and the same most start
do 1 Does your neck crack? and so on. Yes, I’m doing 20. In the next
do the same exercise only
turn over I I will not show.
turn I can not see the back of the meaning.
these three The exercises will save you
possible life believe me, try it
write me please what do you have
is obtained in comments and
show this video their friends and
friends. relatives of
which have problems and take yourself
to a note, even if you now these
no problem. they most likely
further. to all Thank you
health to you. bye.